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Tips When Buying Pipettes For A Laboratory Setting

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Pipettes are one of the more common tools used in a laboratory setting. They let you measure and move small amounts of liquids. If you need to buy some for your own lab, these tips can help with an optimal selection process.

Look for Soft Grips

The gripping component of pipettes is something you want to take a close look at. This is where your hands will be and being careful about the grips you get for this lab equipment can help you use it a lot more effectively and safely.

Soft grips — in particular — are an advantageous design to get in pipettes. You'll have no trouble holding on to pipettes with a lot more grip and your hands will be able to rest in a more comfortable position. You need extra comfort if you're using pipettes a lot around a laboratory setting.

Make Sure Overall Makeup Is Resistant to Chemicals

A lot of what you'll be transporting using pipettes in a lab setting are chemicals. Some of these chemicals will have corrosive elements and because of this fact, you need to ensure you buy lab pipettes with a chemical-resistant design.

Then you won't have to fear what you're about to put in these pipettes. Their materials — usually high-strength polymers — will hold up just fine. You can worry less about chemicals leaking out or causing you frustration because of having to buy more and more pipettes over the years.

Opt for Slim Design

At some point, you probably will have tubes receiving chemicals and other liquids that are pretty thin. You need to account for this thin nature by going with pipettes that also have a thin design, especially around the tip. Then you won't struggle to put the pipette directly inside tubes for proper liquid transfers. 

Having a thin design near the end of the tip also maximizes a pipette's versatility. It can be used with a lot more tubes in your lab, saving you from having to buy more pipettes that range in size. A couple of units will be just fine in aiding liquid transfers. 

If you need a supply of pipettes for your lab in order to measure and transport certain liquids in a methodical way, then spend time reviewing attributes of pipettes before you end up ordering. You'll be a lot happier with the pipettes you receive if you take this advice to heart. Reach out to a business that provides equipment like Hamilton Company lab equipment