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Mobility Scooter Potentiometer Problems: What To Know

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The potentiometer on your mobility scooter plays a vital role. However, this part can develop problems that affect how well your scooter works. Read on to learn more about what a potentiometer does and what happens when it fails.

What Is a Potentiometer?

Potentiometers on mobility scooters help you control speed. This part is also sometimes known as a speed or throttle pot. Every potentiometer uses a lever to move the scooter at the speed you choose. You push the lever forward to move forward and back to move backward. The farther you push the lever, the faster the scooter should go.

What Happens When You Have a Potentiometer Fault?

If your scooter has a faulty potentiometer, then you'll notice a change in its speed. Sometimes, your scooter won't respond to lever changes as it normally does. Your speed might be slow, sluggish, or erratic. Sometimes, a faulty potentiometer causes problems even when you aren't touching the lever. Your scooter might speed up or slow down for no reason.

Why Do Potentiometers Fail?

While parts of a potentiometer sit inside its scooter, the lever sits on the outside of the unit. This exposes the part to the elements. So, for example, the lever might get wet when it rains if your scooter is uncovered. Water and even excess humidity can drip inside the lever housing. Once the internal parts of the potentiometer get wet or damp, then they might start to rust and corrode.

Your potentiometer might look fine on the outside; however, its internal moving parts might get blocked up with rust. When you push the lever, it won't move smoothly into its positions. So, the lever might not give you accurate speed control. If internal parts get stuck, then you won't be able to go above a certain speed. If the parts then unstick as you use the scooter, then you might get odd bursts of acceleration or deceleration as parts move back into their correct positions.

While rust and corrosion are the most common problem here, potentiometers sometimes also fail because of connection problems with linked parts such as the throttle or motor.

If you think you might have a potentiometer problem, then you should contact a mobility scooter repair service fast. Your scooter won't work well until you fix the problem. Fluctuating speeds could also be hazardous for you and any people you come into contact with when you are on your scooter.

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