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3 Ways An Upgraded Digital X-Ray Machine Will Save Time

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Patient loads can become overwhelming, especially when you need to get imaging of a patient for diagnosis. Ideally, you want to give patients the care and imaging they need without rushing too much or skipping over vital parts of the process. One way to help save time is with an upgrade to a digital X-ray machine. 

Even if your office already has a digital machine, an upgrade can make a big difference in the way you spend your time. Learn how modern features will cut time while still delivering clear results.

1. Live Camera Views

When aiming an X-ray camera in the past, X-ray technicians relied on a good eye and lots of practice to ensure the machine was on target. If an X-ray missed the mark, then the technician would have to take another image and double the appointment time for a patient.

A new digital X-ray will feature live camera views. The live views offer precise framing of the X-ray and allow a technician to make quick adjustments. The live views will create the most accurate images and lessen the time a patient is exposed to the X-ray beams.

2. Higher Quality X-Ray Images

When diagnosing X-ray images, you want clear and precise pictures. An upgrade to a new machine will offer higher-quality images. Not only are the images more detailed, but the equipment can come with monitors to see the details with vivid precision. With better quality images, doctors can look at results and make quicker reporters on what they visualize.

For example, a doctor could see small fractures or issues with various bones. The accurate details will make a big difference and help patients receive a treatment plan much faster.

3. Quick Preset Options

Newer machines will come with multiple settings that can save time and cut down on the set-up time. For example, an X-ray may focus on soft-tissue elements rather than the bones of the body. With pre-set options built into the machines, you can set what type of X-ray you want and quickly generate the image.

You do not have to look through the images of the bones to see the soft tissue when an X-ray machine automatically removes those bones from the final digital image. Just like other features, this will help cut down on the time it takes to analyze the X-rays and diagnose any issues.

Consider an upgrade to a digital X-ray machine for your office and help see more patients without cutting down on their overall care. Contact a local service, such as VXS Imaging, to learn more.