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Attention Hosptial Owners: Why You Should Invest In A CSTD

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If you run or own a hospital, your doctors, nurses, and administrative staff are probably always bugging you to invest in the latest technology, medicine, and equipment; all for the betterment of your patients and your hospital. One thing that you may want to consider investing in is a CSTD pharmacy. A CSTD or closed system transfer device is designed to help pharmacists and nurses safely handle hazardous drugs without being exposed themselves. So, what are the benefits of you investing in a CSTD? 

They're Effective

CSTDs were designed to help keep the environment safe from hazardous wastes and materials, but since scientists soon realized that doctors, like pharmacists, were prone to the same harmful hazardous interactions, they decided to implement CSTD systems in pharmacies to ensure that pharmacists were as safe as possible when working with hazardous compounds.

They Make You Less Liable

In a study of US hospitals, researchers found out that nurses who didn't have the help of CSTDs when administering drugs to patients were putting themselves at a higher risk of contracting certain diseases themselves. If you are putting your hospital staff at risk just by doing their job, then you are making yourself liable. To help protect your hospital staff and prevent you from running into legal trouble, having a CSTD pharmacy on hand is going to do wonders. 

They're Rare

In a study published in Pharmacy Times, it was reported that in 2011 only 41 percent of pharmacies had a CSTD on hand, making pharmacists more prone to hazardous waste and chemicals. Because they are so rare, it will make your hospital stand out among all of the other large hospitals, which may end up helping you raise the reputation and patient satisfaction at your establishment.

Remember that it is your job as either the president of the hospital or the owner of the hospital, to take preemptive measures to ensure that your patients aren't only safe but that your staff members are safe as well. As you can see, there are many benefits of investing in a CSTD pharmacy—and these are only a few of the many. If you want to learn more about how a CSTD can help increase the safety of your hospital and entire staff, schedule an appointment with a salesperson today and they can talk you through the different types of CSTDs and which ones may be best for your hospital.