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3 Uses For A Lift Chair

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Individuals with mobility issues can find it difficult to get out of chairs and sofas once they are in a seated position. Lift chairs were designed to help address this unique mobility problem. A lift chair features a powerful motorized system that tilts the base and back of the chair forward to help a person seated within return to the standing position.

The primary function of a lift chair is to assist with standing, but these chairs can offer users many more benefits. Use your lift chair in the following ways to maximize the benefit you receive from this powerful piece of equipment.

1. Use a lift chair as a bed.

Lift chairs have the benefit of reclining into several different positions. This makes them perfect for people who have trouble sleeping in a traditional bed.

You may find that you need to sleep with your head or feet elevated in order to experience maximum comfort. A lift chair can be adjusted to meet your exact needs. Many people opt to sleep in their lift chairs, and using a lift chair to solve your sleep troubles can be a lot more cost effective than investing in an adjustable bed.

2. Use a lift chair as a therapeutic device.

Many people with mobility issues can benefit from heat or massage therapy. These types of therapies can loosen tight muscles and help restore flexibility to stiff joints. A lot of lift chairs are equipped with heat and massage features.

You can control the function of the heat and massage features with a special remote that allows you to adjust temperature settings and customize the amount of pressure applied during the massage. If you need heat or massage therapy on a regular basis, investing in a lift chair can be a great solution.

3. Use a lift chair as an interior design element.

Lift chairs provide you with some serious medical benefits, but that doesn't mean that they will cause your home to look like a physical therapy office.

Lift chairs look like any other recliner. They come in a variety of patterned fabrics, vinyl, or leather to suit your lifestyle. There are even lift chairs in varying widths and styles to ensure that the devices will fit in with your existing decor. You won't have to hide your lift chair in a corner, you will be able to feature it prominently as a part of your interior design.

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