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Tips to Keep You Mobile in Your Home With Ramp Installation

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Mobility problems and limitations can occur at any time during your life but are especially more prominent as you age. Steps and stairs can pose quite a hurdle when you find it difficult to move, which can put a damper on a majority of your day's movement, especially into and out of your home. But you can improve your own living situation with some easy additions. 

So, if you are having difficulty getting in and out of your own home, this is a problem that needs to be corrected immediately, otherwise, you will need to reassess your living situation and look for an entirely different place of residence. Here are some recommendations to help you remain mobile in your home and outside of it with the right safety disability features including ramps and railings.

Install a Ramp

Whenever you have steps and stairs inside your home or outside your home's entrances, it can create a barrier for you to gain entry with limited mobility. Steps can become quite a challenge when you are aging or recovering from injury or illness and do not have the strength to maneuver up and down steps. Railings and a ramp installed as a permanent structure on your entrances will provide you with a secure entry and exit for you to safely use. 

You don't want to set up a plywood ramp that is not secured to the surrounding structures as it will put you at risk of a dangerous fall in your wheelchair. You can install a permanent structure ramp onto your home so that it provides a slight slope for you to move up and down on your own or with the help of another person.

Consider a Folding Ramp

Also, look at the option of a folding wheelchair ramp that you can adjust onto your home's entrances or take with you to use in other locations. A folding ramp is something you can use to get in and out of your vehicle and also into a public or commercial area or a friend's residence that has steps you cannot maneuver. You can find a portable ramp that is made of aluminum so it is lightweight but also very durable to support the weight of an adult and a wheelchair. 

Just be sure you account for the threshold on the steps you are adding the ramp to so your ramp reaches over it. Then, be sure to follow the ramp's installing instructions so you lock it in place and secure it onto the top and bottom of the steps.